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Beyond the Winner's Circle


Cameron Motorsports Book Two


Murder has them on track for a head-on crash. Can love set them straight?


She's the heiress to a racing fortune, but the police suspect she killed to get it. He's the jaded ex-cop hired to keep her safe, or put her behind bars. Then passion sends them into a spin, with danger close behind … a race they'll only win if they trust each other.


Julia Cameron just inherited a billion-dollar auto-racing empire, but she'd rather have her adoptive parents back. And now she's under police investigation for their deaths. Once a street kid fighting to survive, Julia retained a deep distrust of the law. As for the hunky, former cop who's her new bodyguard—he's a distraction she can't afford in her race to find the killer.


Roane Jameson survived years on the police force and a nasty divorce, so when it comes to women, he's burnt out. He's convinced Julia's trying to get away with murder. But the poor little rich girl turns out to be a smart, savvy woman who’ll do whatever it takes to protect those she loves, even allow a former cop into her life. And running this close tempts him to find out just what's under her gorgeous exterior.


But Roane must keep his hands on the wheel—because if Julia's innocent, the murderer is still on the loose … and he'll try to knock her off the track next. Locked in a deadly race, Roane and Julia must work as a team to find the killer. But driving blind and racing the clock, can they reach the winner's circle?






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Slide Job


Cameron Motorsports Book One


Two people driven to win. Only one can claim the prize.


She's a sprint car racer driven by secrets. He's the man who must uncover them on national TV.


Slide Job: A dirty move in which a race driver skids his/her car sideways in front of another car to steal a position.


Sprint car driver Morgan Blade is willing to do anything to help save her critically ill father, even become a contestant on a new TV racing reality show. But once the cameras start rolling, she realizes the cost of the prize money. If the shows sexy producer has his way, her most heartbreaking secrets will be revealed to a worldwide audience.


Secrets are Tyler Dalton’s business. Forced to produce one more reality show to fulfill his contract, he can’t wait to get it over with and move on with his life. However, part of who he is means giving it his best.


In reality TV, controversy drives ratings. So despite a combustible attraction to his star, Tyler must unveil the secrets beneath Morgan's fiery facade. But when she becomes more than just another contestant … will he go for the slide job, even if it means losing her?






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Running Three Wide


Cameron Motorsports Book Three


Drive hard. Turn left. Slide into love … and danger.


Her dream job comes with an old flame—one she'd rather not re-fuel. But he's the dirt track racer she'll be working for, so she can't hide from their past. He's thrilled to have her back in his life, until he realizes someone's trying to make sure they don't finish their race to love.


Running Three Wide: When three race cars roar into a turn side-by-side at 100 mph, jockeying for position on a narrow dirt track with their rear ends sliding out, even the slightest bump can send them into a spin—one that may turn deadly.


Sarah Miller has finally landed her dream job as crew chief for a dirt-track racing team. But it comes with a hitch—late-model driving sensation Damon Blade. The man she swore she’d never speak to again … her old flame. He brought her nothing but heartache. Will this time be any different, especially when his checkered past flags the track as a danger zone?


Damon Blade is the bad boy of dirt-track racing, bending the rules. The fans love to hate him. Off the track, he must deal with the women trying to run his life: his mother, sister and boss. Getting stuck with a female crew chief is the last straw...until he discovers she's Sarah, a sweet memory he'd like to re-ignite. But someone from his past is holding a deadly grudge, and if Damon isn't careful, they'll both be nothing but a memory.


Balancing dirt track racing and staying one lap ahead of a murderer has them running three wide. Headed full speed into the turn with no flag in sight, will there be room for romance?






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