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An avid reader since childhood, Sutton was captured early by the written word. As a teenager she filled notebook upon notebook with angst-ridden poetry or dramatic short stories, and spent many hours making up tales on long walks home from school.


Life intruded before she could seek publication, and she’s worn many hats in the interim. She’s been a human resources admin, esthetician, salon manager, race car mechanic, race car driver, sales manager, and CEO, just to name a few.


Her taste in music is eclectic. She enjoys everything from classic rock to country, jazz to opera depending on the day and her mood.


When she's not working the edj, writing, or traveling the country, movies are her favorite vice; anything with grandiose special effects makes her grin like a kid.


A native Coloradan, Sutton has lived out West, down South, back East, and up North. She currently resides in the Midwest with the love of her life, a challenging companion dog, and a sassy cat.


Would she consider herself a woman living her dreams with passion? Absolutely!


Sutton loves to connect with readers.

Feel free to contact her via any of her social media links or you can reach her




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