Short Stories

Christmas Holly


Christmas Holly 

Young, beautiful, and certain of her future, Holly Clark fully expected to have a wonderful time attending her mother’s annual Christmas Eve bash. The one thing she didn’t expect was her own untimely death.

Gallery owner and world renowned artist Greg Marshall is desperate to relive his past. Until he receives a startling visit from a woman he believed to be the love of his life. Her sudden appearance has the power to change everything.

Love doesn’t mean what it used to. Can the past really affect the future, 

or can the future transform the past?

Christmas Bites



Glory Dawson needs to catch a break. Her Christmas list is short-

- A gift or her daughter

- A stable job

- A place to call home

Not too much to ask, right? Maybe so. Nobody said anything about armor, heirlooms, hot vampires, or mates. Wait, mates? Definitely. Not.

Christmas is for humans as far as the untouchable Christian Knight is concerned. He’s far happier running his empire and spending his time alone searching for the heirloom that legend says can change his life. He’s certainly not wasting time looking for a mate, fated or not.

Legends don’t always mean what we think they do, and sometimes Christmas magic has other ideas about the gifts we need…